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Car rental with driver in French


Traveling in France


Travelling in France and why not with a rental car with driver?

Owning a car is now a luxury too expensive to maintain , difficult to find a parking lot or garage. This especially as traffic problems discourage car owners and take them to public transport . Currently , rent a car with driver to travel is an ideal solution. It must be said that the formalities are now reduced , especially if you own a credit card.

Most rental companies offer very interesting  » weekend getaways  » …..

Car rental with driver is also a great formula . Moreover, the driver will wait for a transfer to the arrival at the airport or train station is an alternative to taxis when you saved the driver and his vehicle to allow you to move without having the drawbacks. Starting with others, you can share the costs .

Professionalism and interpersonal skills of the driver. Related services , ie touches that make the difference. He knows « good » drive. Therefore constantly anticipates to ensure smooth conduct and also prevent potentially dangerous situations. It spares the brake pedal to avoid jerks , keeps its distance from other road users and complies with regulations. A good presentation : the suit and tie is required. Relational qualities: restraint, discretion. It respects the privacy of its passengers. It ensures primarily to their comfort, safety and well -being.

EVTC: a high transmission range, customized and booking

Consider carefully who you rented the car with his driver. You must include your landlord has his approval (Versatile France) and the driver has his license sightseeing transportation. In addition to conventional insurance but in any venture the owner must be provided transportation of people and civil liability of vehicle.

In the interest of our customers and all those who want to exercise their profession conscientiously, it should be noted some key points:


Transport EVTC is and must remain STRICTLY

Transportation service UPSCALE , bespoke and with reservation , one of the first vocations is to meet the specific and demanding expectations of customers ready to pay the price to take advantage of premium services on board a car or a luxury minibus driven by a qualified driver in a suit and tie .

Transport EVTC indeed requires a reservation. The driver of a passenger vehicle should not be on the prowl . This is what , in part, differentiates artisans taxis.

The operator of a passenger car with driver uses only top grade vehicles … It can not be EVTC with 3008 peugeot or C4 Picasso …

A minibus viano upscale finish , it is with the current environmental tax , an investment of more than 75 k € . Mercedes S-type sedan , more than 110 k € . This means that the prices offered by EVTC are more than justified , not only because of the investment but also and especially because this lineup offers passengers an unparalleled pleasure , especially appreciated by company management but not only. .. It is the same for all other categories of transportation companies (air, rail , maritime) which offer different levels of service.

This is also a range of services that goes beyond the mere transport of passengers: the driver is also an assistant, a private concierge and even a private guide.

In any case , transportation is not a EVTC Low -cost Service !

Visit France with a car or minivan with driver in all regions of France . The solution for this not bother to find this form of transport to take full advantage of the time allotted to you without having to find parking , enjoy the food and drinks that accompany a peace for his license ….

It is the ideal solution for your travels.

A trip to France

Very touristic country , France is probably one of the favorite destinations of foreigners but also French . Exploring the capital and major cities for the first , discovering small villages and regions to others, the country is of a Thousand Faces !

For sports , this is the perfect hiking, water sports, surfing, windsurfing, skiing, the choice is huge! As for culture , museums and famous monuments delight those who thirst for knowledge and good things . But France is also a gastronomic destination, as evidenced by the reputation of its leaders abroad.

Of sandy beaches in the south of France , picturesque villages and engaging , lively cities heritage several centuries , a Provençal hinterland caressed by the warm breath of the Mistral, Corsican coves with crystal clear water and what about the ‘ unsinkable Mont Saint- Michel and the beauty of the Mont Blanc. Discoveries that await you along the roads of France , do not miss …


Airports in France

Most large cities have their airport. The country has 155!
So each region hosts domestic or international flights.

« Airports in France »The solution is then car hire with driver, no waiting for a transport that takes you to walk to your destination.