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General conditions of Rent car with driver


Article 1: price rates

Fixed prices (Packages): the mileage and the time according to an estimation are counted from the place of departure where is situated the agency Royal Road Limousine and up to the final destination of the customer.
Upon the wanted schedule, Royal Road Limousine holds at your disposal a vehicle with a driver.
For any overtime the rate will be applied according to the category of the chosen vehicle.
Rates Transfers: passengers are calculated (according to estimate) on the basis of direct routes, without any stop between the place of pick up and the place of destination. The waiting time is taken into account after the first sold hour, and will be charged on the basis of the hourly price rate. In case of modification of the routeor its duration depending on the contractor, the driver will note them on his book and will make them sign by the person in charge. In case of modification of duration due to the only will of the contractor, the caused expenses will be chargeable to the latter.

The prices indicated in our price lists include the VAT at the rate fixed by regulations legally for the services of transport (*), the expenses of parking lot,, Tolls, driver’s meal and overnight hotel « according to the contract schedule » and diverse requests services are chargeable to the transported persons (except if specified previously

(*) applied Rate of VAT: 10 % for transfers and of 20 % for the provisions (rate which would be to be updated in case of change by any legal and/or statutory measures).

Accepted means of payments: cash, bank transfers, bank cards (Visa, American Express, Master’s degree Card, Card (Map) blue (bruise), Club).


Article 2: payment

The payment of the service can be made at the beginning or at the end of service

Royal Road Limousine reserves the right to demand the payment at the beginning of service.The possible complaints must be formulated during the week after receipt of the invoice, otherwise, they cannot be considered. In case of dispute, the court of the region of the agency is only competent.

– deposit 50 % at  the reservation, Royal Road Limousine keeps the right to ask for the payment of the services made according to duration planned by the contract of origin as they come , they can be asked from day to day or weekly. The balance at the end of performance including the supplements to be charged.


 Article 3: conditions of cancellation

– From 96 to 48 hours before the service 30 % of the total price of the wanted service
– From 48 to 24 hours before the service 50 % of the total price of the wanted service
– 24 hours before the service 100 % of the total price of the wanted service

The Royal Road Limousine Company reserves the right to modify the conditions of cancellation according to the importance and the nature of the reserved service.


Article 4: transport

On request, an index card of transport is delivered to the person transported in the completion of the service of transport; as well as a settled invoice can be sent by email or by mail.

Luggage remains under the watch and the responsibility of the transported persons.

We demand respect for the equipment. No smoking in our vehicles, any internal degradation of the vehicle will be chargeable to the customer.

Royal Road Limousine reserves the right to interrupt the current service if the behavior of the customers puts in danger the safety of the driver and the vehicle. If the driver notices that the customer commits a crime, for example, the use of narcotics, he has the instruction to stop immediately the current service.


Article 5: amount of persons and transported luggage

According to the vehicle type the transported number of person is limited by the register of the certificate of the vehicle delivered by the prefecture and the regulations in force of the transport. Luggage is limited by their size and weight by the register of the certificate of the vehicle. The extras  of person and luggage which cannot be taken care of , will be the object of additional vehicle or.


Article 6: restrictive clause of responsibilities

Royal Road Limousine can’t  be held responsible of the delays over the deadlines of transport due to circumstances independent from its will: road was blocked, bridge forbids the traffic detour(deviation), flooded road, traffic jams interventions on road of police forces, customs or fire brigades, etc. … (this list is not  restrictive) .Royal Road Limousine can’t  be held responsible of the delays due to cases of absolute necessity: strikes, weather conditions, attacks riots, etc.. This list is not restrictive).

 In case of fixed immobilization of the vehicle on  the route due to a mechanical failure, an accident or a damage theft degradation), Royal Road Limousine will try hard to assure the continuity of the service either with one of these vehicles, or with a vehicle chartered to another company and makes a commitment to warn the contractor.


Article 7: insurance

According to the regulations of the transport of person the guarantees of insurance are suited and Royal Road Limousine makes a commitment to supply a copy of their insurance contract upon request.



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