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Saint-Tropez is situated on the southeast coast of the Var on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez which closes the gulf of the same name. The municipality joins in a crescent around the bay of canebiers, on the totality of the peninsula, which can be included in a six kilometer rectangle by four. It occupies a surface of one thousand hundred eighteen hectares. The territory of the municipality is almost totally occupied by properties built on big plots of land, giving it a relatively protected environmental appearance. However, concentrations of constructions appear around the old village, on the coast, in particular between capes Saint-Peter and Saint-Tropez and between the cape Pinet and the long beachof Pampelonne. The municipality is integratedinto the territory Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez became St Trop from 1950, when the Parisian artistic and intellectual world, bewitched by the charm of the small port came down to St Trop for summer. Could be seen or met Sagan, Picasso Prévert and many others. The myth became more marked with Brigitte Bardot’s arrival in the 60s, she settledthere for more than 20 years.

Since St Tropez became one of the favorite places of stay and relaxation of the worldly Tout-Paris and the international Jet set.



The night-life is very wild there, several private parties take place every evening in the luxurious villas of the gulf where some of the guests come in helicopter or in luxury vehicle and by car with driver

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