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  • Mercedes Class E *
  • Mercedes Class S
  • Limo Stretch
  • Mercedes Minivan Viano & Class V
  • Wolkswagen Minivan Caravelle

We can provide other models of cars for your rents of vehicles with chauffeur subject to availability with a minimum of 4: hours of rent. Bentley, Roll Royce,  …


 Ask for the price for your transfer or provision


Rate of provision per package: 4:00 6:00 8:00 12:00, 24/24 and transfer —–> Reservation

Phone Agency  :  0033 493 491 905

Phone 24/24 :     0033 683 306 948


Monaco – Nice – Cannes – Saint-Tropez…

Lyon – Genève – Courchevel – Megève… 

Paris – Ile de France…

 Mercedes Class E *

  • symbolic Model of the mark(brand), Mercedes Classe E’s last generation
  • Sedan 3 pax
  • Ask for the price for your transfer or provision


Mercedes - E Class


Mercedes Class S

  • The Mercedes Classe S is the flagship of the range
  • Limousine version – S350 – S600
  • luxury 3 – 4 pax
  • Ask for the price for your transfer or provision

Mercedes-Benz S


Limousine Stretch

  • Lincoln Stretch, a chauffeur-driven limousine to party.  White and black
  • Our Limo discotheque version with sound system, Lighting effects(Play of light), Rolls to facets …
  • Limousine 8 pax
  • Price list please contact  us

Location Limousine Stretch


Mercedes Class V

  • New Mercedes Minivan, New finish to the height of a premium sedan .
  • Minivan 7 pax + driver
  • Ask for the price for your transfer or provision


Mercedes - V Class


Mercedes Minivan Viano

  • You want a minibus in the refined style Mercedes-Viano version luxury
  • Minivan luxury 7 pax
  • Ask for the price for your transfer or provision

Location Mercedes Minivan Viano





Volkswagen Minivan Caravelle

  • Volkswagen Caravelle, practical vehicle and refined luxury version
  • Minivan 8 pax
  • Ask for the price for your transfer or provision

Location Minivan Wolkswagen Caravelle



We have price ranges according to your needs. The HOURLY TARIFF  is according to the vehicle type.
We propose you the rent of chauffeur-driven car for fixed prices (packages) adapted to your need

  • For the common (current) travels (movements)
  • Marriage, Birthday (Anniversary), VIP evening, etc.
  • For your professional and private meetings (appointments)
  • For your events or excursions in Region of French Riviera Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur or in province




  • 4 hours package
  • 6 hours package
  • 8 hours package
  • 12 hours package
  • 24/24 and 7/7 Package


              Ask for your price lis taccording to the fixed price of package wished here: CONTACT



We have a choice of price lists (rates) according to your destinations. Your vehicle with driver welcomes you upon your arrival for a reassured transfer.

From the airports of Nice, Cannes, Toulon, Marseille or the stations, Royal Road Limousine transports you upon your arrival and for your departure.

  • Transfer to a wished your place of destination.
  • The routes from your place of residence to your office.
  • All travels movements) in Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in France, Italy, Switzerland…
  • The reception and the routing of your hosts and customers (hostess on request extension 48hours minimum)


                        Ask for your price rate according to your transfer here: CONTACT



  • Routing « urgent and secured by files confidential folds and small parcels.
  • Escorting (Conveying) of vehicles (Automobile, Motorcycle)

Specific location

Agencies of events, Artists, Fashions Photographers, Reporters, TV, Cinema, Companies, etc…
For your locations, do not hesitate to request us. Our knowledge of the region, can bring you diverse possibilities to your researches.

Consult us, we propose you a specific pricing following your demand.
Price list specific  for business except congress and strong season.


 Ask for your Business price list here: CONTACT


Night rate from 8:00 pm till 8:00 am increase in price of 20 %

For the provisions:

  • Meal driver (chauffeur): 20€
  • Overnight stay (beyond 1:00 of route) 100€
  • tolls and parking lots are in supplement





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