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Our services of rent chauffeur-driven limousine and transfers from airports and stations in the area of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and mainly in the cities of Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez, are guaranteed from a reservation made by e-mail, phones, message or our index form contact on our Web site.

You will find on our Web site all the necessary information, for the renting of a chauffeur-driven car and our services to fulfill your needs. Royal Road limousine is at your service24h/24h 7days/7days for any transfer, shuttle and rent conveys with driver.

 Big Luxury limousines and taxis grumbles in the air

Unlike the taxi, VTC formerly called Big Limousine has no right to park on the public roads awaiting clientele. If we want a car of this type to visit Nice or for a transfer, we have to order it in the office of the company, reserve it and set in advance the price .This was confirmed to us by several companies » we receive an order by e-mail or by telephone, we transmit the phone number of the driver to the customer and the car goes to the place of residence of the latter, provided with its road route transmitted by E-mail or message.

Every car doesn’t play invisible  it’s true, there is no bright witness but a badge in the name of our company indicated on the windscreen of the car LIMOUSINE « , Be that as it may, taxis want  » a definition of the word  » tourism  » and controls intensified on the reservations and the identification of vehicles « . Royal Road Limousine approves this discipline. Limousines have to show a sign of fixed recognition. Everybody must be able to work in a loyal competition where each can be identified.

Royal Road Limousine approves these controls, they should be more present. Because there are numerous people   who possess a driver’s license delivered by the prefecture, but do not have the offical LIMOUSINE approval. A   sticker on the windscreen and the contract of approval which should be presented at any time by the driver to  a customer who asks for it or the authorities ‘delivered by Asset France’ which groups the Ministry of Transport and  Tourism.
This kind of person rolls with rented cars without approval thus no company and take enormous risks to the users, there is no third-party insurance connected to the vehicle and to the company. This kind of person goes hunting upon the arrival of airports and Train Station…


We understand the rumbling discontent of taxis