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What is a Stretch Limousine?

The term Limousine being used in many areas it is good to indicate that the American Stretch Limousine is not a breed of Texas cattle! It is a luxury vehicle, a large and powerful sedan that is successful in high-class environments. However, the middle class is more and more attracted by the rental of this car that totally returns the image of the American dream, the absolute size.


Limousine Stretch


Cadillac and Lincoln, the most famous Stretch Limousines

There is no doubt that the reference of the Limousine is Cadillac and yet the history is very French, it comes from the Limousin term. What is related to the driver and especially his coat. The American firm Cadillac is not the first to have manufactured this high-end car but since it is the most famous because its Limousines have transported the US presidents. The Cadillac One as it is called is a car that is made on a truck base, it’s anecdotal but it makes it clear why these sedans are so large and spacious.


Which car manufacturers sell Limousines?

  • Cadillac
  • Chrysler
  • Ford (Lincoln)
  • Toyota
  • Mitsubishi

American and Japanese companies share the sale in this sector but Mercedes also offers. At the French manufacturers this market is not exploited except for prototype tests.


American Limousine Rental, the great fashion of the 21st century!

In fact, renting a Lincoln Stretch Limousine for VIP transport on the French Riviera or show biz in Paris has become very common. We see more and more couples looking for a Limousine Rental Wedding with Driver.


intérieur d'une limousine américaine


The comfort of a Stretch Limousine is impressive, as is the space on board this truly exceptional luxury sedan. The interior looks like a living room in which all amenities refer to luxury :

  • Bar
  • Sound
  • Leather upholstery
  • Air conditioner
  • Tinted and sometimes shielded windows to transport politics


Renting an American Stretch limousine with chauffeur is our specialty, contact us to book your luxury sedan anywhere in France and its bordering countries.